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Dubbing | ADR | Foley | Audiobooks & Podcasts | Audio Drama


Film and Television

Our sizeable and comfortable studios are ideal for dubbing your latest project. Whether it is Voice Over for your documentary or Fact Ent series or for your Motion Picture our team of professional Studio Engineers will be a match for you.

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Our fully equipped studios are available for ADR recording, whether your editorial team are in the control room, or joining remotely.

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We also offer Foley and have a wide range of props.  Pier is based in a Regency townhouse with period rooms and there’s an Airbnb in the basement allowing us to make use of a variety of period and contemporary furniture and a wide variety of floor surfaces.

Audiobooks & Podcasts

Studio 2 is our Radio studio and has been the home of many BBC Radio factual programmes and readings. Whether it is one voice for a whole audio book or you are looking to record a discussion with multiple contributors, our large studio will suit your needs.

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Audio Drama

Pier Productions is a leading Audio Drama producer and many of their productions for both the BBC and Audible have been made in our studios. We are fully equipped for large casts with a variety of sound treatments and spot effect options on hand.

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